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We believe we can help you on your path of enlightenment and ascension

We are living a change of Era; our space encourages and teach others how to get in to this new Age. We are a motivated light workers team with the mission of guiding others how to get into this transition time.

Our service has the “Aquarian Age” eyes and we provide the best treatments such as reiki, tarot reading, crystal assessment, meditation, mantra sessions, intuitive healing in order to help and empower you in your journey through this time. is a portal that aims to gather all the tools you need to follow your personal evolution towards scheduled lighting for the new age.

It is necessary to know that since December 21, 2012 we have begun a new era, that is why planet Earth bids farewell once and for all from the Age of Pisces, experienced by the icon of this age, the Master Jesus Christ, to live the freedom of faith without religion and science without concrete evidence, triggered by the Age of Aquarius.

Yes! We are living in times of change of era! Just as the day comprises 24 hours due to the Earth’s rotating movement; 


just as the seasons of the year exist only because of the movement of the Earth around the Sun (which is completed in 365 days); there is an even larger cycle, a more comprehensive movement, which comprises in our Sun moving around the central sun of the galaxy, called Alcione (central star of the constellation of Pleiades that is 500 light-years from Earth).

This solar movement around the orbit of Alcione (central sun) takes 26,000 years to complete, is what astronomers call Precession of the Equinoxes.

In practical terms, the Earth takes one year to complete its return around the sun and our sun, in turn, takes 26,000 years to complete its turn around Alcione (the central sun).

Thus, by mirroring what happens on planet Earth, dividing the year in 12 months has in them the twelve astrological signs, if we divide by twelve the 26,000 years that our sun takes to travel all the orbit of Alcione, we find the result of 2.166 years represented what astrologers call the “astrological age” and that is where our role lies.

The current position of the Earth relative to the central sun Alcyone is as close as we can get to the Pleiades which only occurred on our planet about twelve thousand years ago when we were living the “Lion Age.”

To complete this incredible moment in which we live, in this same region where the planet circulates and circulate for the next 2,000 years, Alcione emanates a radiation belt known as the Photon Belt, which directly tunes us to the fourth dimension, emotional, archetypal zone of feelings and dreams, where it is possible to contact the higher planes of the Universe.

The ideas generated in it directly influence the matter, calling for a complete revision of the events of the third dimension, and of the laws that govern our physical plane.

To fit in with this new era it is necessary to revise previous standards, forcing an expansion of consciousness that requires cleansing of both the physical body and the emotional body in order to transmute the miasms – elementals of the second dimension to ourselves, causing disease and blockages energy in our body.

Miasms are nothing more than mental creations generated by ourselves through negative thoughts or feelings, such as anger, desires of revenge or envy for example.

Vegetarian nutrition, reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, essential oils, meditation, yoga, tai-chi, some dances, among other holistic activities are techniques capable of helping us release energies that move the subtle body and open channels of communication with other universal plans.

The interdimensional connections are made through resonance and to survive in photonic radiation we have to tune ourselves to a new vibratory field. That is why it is important to have a healthy and natural diet, free of animal carcasses or harmful chemical elements, free of pernicious addictions like drugs, tobacco and alcohol and live more with nature, away from pollution and worldly negativity, dominating our own emotions and low feelings.

Being clean and having good intentions is essential to align with the new vibratory field, as well as being in very aware to see the synchronicities and to catch the signals coming from other Spheres.

Nowadays, our planet Gaia lies entirely within the photon belt of the central sun (Alcione), which activates its light throughout the entire Universe. Awakening can no longer wait and be present here, living with joy and love at this moment is a gift! Shall we go together?

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