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Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Capricorn – July 16

Lunar eclipses are less frequent than solar, it usually happens two or three times a year and it’s not just because we couldn’t see an eclipse that its potential would change your powerful in our everyday lives.

In other words, we can’t see all astrological transit or following its aspect taking place, but we surely can feel its influence here on Earth.

So, what should we expect from this Lunar eclipse on July 16 in Capricorn? Well first of all, it’s necessary to understand that he energies between solar and lunar eclipses are different.

According to Liz Worth:

“Solar eclipses occur during new moons. New moons mark the start of a new cycle. They are times when many people set intentions, start projects, or make changes.

Solar eclipses are times of breakthroughs. While new moons can already be potent times to begin new cycles, solar eclipses enhance the potential to make or break patterns.

They can also initiate change around us, sometimes suddenly. The things that enter our lives – or the things we invite in through our actions or intentions – can have staying power.

Lunar eclipses occur during full moons. Full moons are often seen as times of completion. We can be ready to say goodbye to something, or we can use full moons as times to release. With a lunar eclipse, the shift may feel more internal or reflective.”

Thus, we can understand that lunar eclipses are catalysts of behavioural changes born from the inside out.

Bringing all this together to our present reality, in which the eclipse will take place on July 16 under the sign of Capricorn, we may look to the future in a less melancholy way (governed by Cancer) and will ask for action and responsibility to move forward. We must not forget, however, that in the meantime we still having Mercury retrograde witch forces an even deeper cleansing and revision of what we knew as truths.

On the day 16th specifically, watch your actions by doing a general reassessment of the points where you made mistakes, which you did right, what happened to you this last week, and finally, at which points in your life you positively value yourself and which ones you actually self-rated for more than you should.

Finally, this phase also demands expression, don’t hesitate to give voice to your feelings, that is, everything can be talked with your partners and family, but in a very polite way because it is not a moment of combat but rather an evaluation, so say what you truly feel but taking into account that what is important is not what is spoken but how it is spoken.

Obviously, I’ve prepared a nice Lunar Eclipse plus full moon in Capricorn specially for this moment, as bellow:

  1. What kind of karmic or ancestral pattern is ready to be released?
  2. How am I ready to evolve?
  3. What must I listen to at this time?
  4. What can I consciously let go of?
  5. What have I achieved in the last 6 months?
  6. What am I yet to achieve?
  7. What does “full expansion” look like for me?
  8. What foundations do I need to establish to support my future?
  9. What is a non-negotiable for me right now?
  10. What do I need to release to feel successful?