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New Moon in Aquarius


We are heading towards the first new moon of the year 2020! More precisely on 24/01/2020. This moon marks the beginning of the aquarium season and, therefore, it is time to ask yourself how a more disciplined life added to the structures you already have can help you bring a very pleasant sense of personal freedom?

Ideas “out of the box”, different and more linked to your inner soul can contribute to a very positive manifestation – since the new moon in Aquarius creates a smooth and very positive energy, and the energy of the Aquarian season brings a sense of liberation and detachment.

If you need extra help, use the mantra:

“Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jñana Pustim Kuru Svaha” 

This mantra evokes the energy of the Goddess White Tara, known as the “mother of liberation” which is absolutely related to the Aquarian energy of liberation until you reach detachment!

If it is difficult to speak this mantra correctly, listen to the audio from the link below which can help you follow the mantra 108 times

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Last but not least, we provide a very cool tarot spread to take advantage of this energetic moment:

New Moon circulation in Aquarius *:

  1. What is my unique contribution in this world?
  2. Where am I being called to speak my truth?
  3. How can I break away from disempowering patterns of behavior?
  4. How can I access my genius and think outside the box?
  5. How can I connect meaningfully with my community?
  6. What is my highest intention for my personal freedom?