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Re-alignment exercise with your Divine Purpose on Earth

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This is an exercise that should be repeated for a period of 27 consecutive days. You should mentally repeat the statements to realign yourself with your purpose and the highest qualifying energies. This exercise puts you in tune with the New Vibrate Form and completely releases the patterns of repetition and the old way of vibrating your vibrational field. Find a quiet place where you can not be bothered and recite what you follow seeking to get involved with the feelings of the content for a better use of the ritual. I have faith that my higher self is always my snapshot, constant, generous and supridor. I have faith that my higher self always opens my ways although humanly it may seem that there are no means.

I have faith that my superior self always guides all my projects, maintaining my health, happiness and prosperity. I have faith that my inner peace is always safe with the help of my higher self, which is my highest self, the part of God that is in me. Excuse me of the great spirit that governs everything and everything governs, with parental leave earth, fair, generous and giving, with license of the four elements of the four magnetic directions and of all the supra-luminous devas, I greet all and honor the fact of being with you.

With the permission of all my guards and spiritual guides, with the permission of all my masters and the great white fraternity, I in this hour and at this moment, I summon all the beings of light who guard my paths to ask for affection, kindness, understanding , help, advice, information, instruction, wisdom, light, much light so that together we can walk the path that has been traced by ourselves in the highest regions of the spirit.

Through you beloved guides I direct my creative source of the spirit as a multidimensional being that I am, I affirm that I am sacred and deserve to be here on earth in my magnificence to receive your answers. Dear spirit, my highest consciousness, my quantum self, what can I do to be a conscious channel of your light now?

What do you want me to know I should do now? Where should she be now? What should I do to make sure the right events happen in my life? Give me the instructions to act, give me the synchronicity in my life that shows me the answers and I will answer you, being alert to avoid accidents in my life. I like being multidimensional that I am, I celebrate my commitment to be in this place, because I live in the now, I have my peace, I have the vision of the totality and I know that the solutions are waiting until I arrive in the now, because in planning all the proofs that I should assume in this life, from the depths of my interdimensional wisdom, I have created all the solutions, because there is no place inside me where creativity does not manifest itself. I like being multidimensional as I am, I now erase all the clauses of all my old contracts and decrees.

Decree now my definitive renunciation of all beliefs, implanted or not that I may have. I now decree my definitive renunciation of all the vows and decrees I have pronounced in the past, at any time, in this or any reality, in this or any time and at any time. Primarily, I renounce all vows of poverty, illness, pain, suffering, emotional solitude, and existential emptiness.

I renounce all these vows and decree that I release them from me, healing and cleansing the karmic records of all my evolutionary processes. I raise all these ill-qualified energies of this or any reality from this or any time to the creative source of all that is. I forgive, heal, and free all that which, consciously or unconsciously, may retard or hinder the complete evolution of all the multidimensional levels of my being.

I, as a multidimensional being, now decree my personal evolution and therefore, I co-create my future and co-create my own reality, for I am always in the right place at the right time. By virtue of this, I now express my intention to go where it has to be taken according to the divine plan and I ask that the knowledge, people, opportunities, and material resources necessary to enable me to arrive together without effort manifest the divine will in this physical reality. I like being multidimensional as I am, I choose to use the new gifts of the spirit to keep myself balanced and to have the power to eliminate anything negative that tries to get in my way, nothing negative can disturb me.

Therefore, I co-create that my vibration will change and increase gradually to more subtle and interdimensional levels. I co-create my physical healing and decree the awakening of my cellular memory. By virtue of this, properly and sacredly, I turn now to you. Dear body, we are together in this life and together we heal, together we have the power to immunize ourselves from any process that could deteriorate the health of our physical system. Together we regenerate, together we rejuvenate and together we have the power to delay the release of the hormonal chemistry that grows old, because together we deactivate for an indefinite time the aging of our cells, tissues, organs and functions and reconnect to our being, in a balanced and balanced way the 12 DNA codes to reach the top 12 levels of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental awareness.

In the same way, together now we activate the growth and functioning of our pineal gland to feel the higher frequencies of thought, which provide the knowledge and to put into action the process of ascension that is engraved in our DNA. Now each cell of ours already knows, proclaims its intention and acts in consequence, maintaining optimal levels of constant good health and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation in our systems. I create my world, I am free of space and time as I am also part of everything that is, I honor this land, I honor my own existence, I live in the now and I accept my present reality, I accept what I have, I accept what I am and I accept to be, for I know that gratitude for the present moment and for the fullness of life is now the true prosperity, which is continually manifested to me in many ways.

Therefore, I am in permanent contact with all levels of my multidimensional self enjoying full material prosperity, which is manifested totally on the multidimensional level where now is this expanded part of me here and lies on the earth plane. I deserve to be here and now and I am worthy of many good things. So I free myself and understand that I deserve abundance to meet all my desires and needs and understand that the spirit is here to give me love, peace, balance, health and prosperity, only good things adhere to me, for I I am a part of the totality, I am perfect before the eyes of the spirit, no human word can change the I am, for I am what I am and deserve to be now in this beautiful place called earth. I am who I am, I am all that I am, I am all that I am and all that is.

I am one with the whole according to the plan and the divine will. I, as a multidimensional being, summon all the ascended masters and all beings of light who are involved with the knowledge that I should receive so that they transmit to me the totality of such knowledge at the appropriate levels and indicate to me how to proceed for its interpretation, application and disclosure so as to honor and co-create harmoniously the total marriage with the contract of learning that I have signed with the spirit. In the name of the spirit I co-create I face change without fear and without participating in any collective apocalyptic situation. In the name of the spirit, I covet the qualities of forgiveness and unconditional compassion, inter and intrapersonal love, and perfect physical, mental, and spiritual health.

In the name of the spirit I co-create the knowledge of this new energy with all its reach, all its tools and the purest love to use it for my own good, wisdom, mastery and for guidance and the good of all humanity. In the name of the spirit, I co-create the highest spiritual energy that creates all kinds of intellectual, spiritual and material resources to properly disseminate, appropriately with detachment all the knowledge that will be indicated to me and to obtain without effort all the financial resources that are necessary to properly and properly carry out my mission, to live peacefully with quality of life and to share with others my material prosperity.

Things are possibly never what they seem, so how can I be multidimensional that I am, in this hour and at this moment, ask to be wrapped in the golden white light of creation to work fully with the divine presence above my probable beliefs or limitations, to be permanently connected with high perception and adequate expression, to act always according to the divine plan of the light, honoring the spirits and the superior designs of the master plan of all that is. I release completely and with total confidence the result of this affirmation, I place myself in the hands of the spirit of my multidimensional self, of my quantum I, of my highest and conscious part, and I detach myself from the process. So it is[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]