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Astrology Chart Reading

This is a service for Astrology chart readings. During this session we will break down the aspects of your personality. We will understand how you react in life through your essence, how you position yourself in the world, how people see you and how your feelings are portrayed.

With the positioning of the stars from when you were born, we can see the percentage of each element in your life (Air, Water, Fire & Earth). We can also see which types of love relationships you would tend to attract, your relationship with your relatives (Mother, Father, brothers, ancestors), your “tribe”, favourable careers, life missions and your spirituality.

Our readings are profound and bring lots of understanding and clarity in many personal queries and doubts. It’s a great tool to use for studying and comprehending further yourself and to be better in touch with your inner self.

At the end of the reading we will open an Oracle Card of which we will refer to a question or doubt in your life that you would like to shed some light upon.

A session lasts 1h30 and cost is AUD$71.00 (Online or in person)

  • Discovering your personality
  • Detecting possible daily troubles
  • Giving advice in love, relationships, or business
  • Providing better life understanding
  • Making predictions for the future

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