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Tarot card for the May’s month

Choose a card and then see the result: note that the three cards are of the fire element which denotes a month that will ask for motivation to work and joy in pursuit of its achievements!

If you chose the card:

1) you have been working hard in the pursuit of your achievements and may already experience some achievements!  congratulations!  Celebrate the moment of victory but don’t forget that there is still much to be achieved.  Good period for those who want to get married or enjoy honeymoon.  Peace and harmony have been established, well done!

2) You’ve put a lot of work and energy into this situation. Don’t give up! Believe that everything you’ve gone through was crucial to bring you into your moment of now.  Use all this knowledge in your favor and seek to perfect and put into practice everything you know.  Job review is the key to getting you 100% ready!

3) You are the motivation in person!  The forces of this month await your decisions to act in your favor!  Be wise to decide intelligently what you want because the power is in your hands. You may also receive advice from someone who excels at creative solutions.