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Thaily Kenny

Tarot Advisor and Therapist
Address: Tamborine Mountain
Brief info

Passionate about quantum therapies, archetypes, subtle energies, and especially Tarot, Thaily began her journey 22 years ago when she discovered through books about spirituality and Tarot what was piquing her curiosity and her desire to always seek to be a better version of herself, searching for enlightenment and a better world.

Through books, courses and meditations she opened her consciousness and left her previous life where she was a lawyer and gradually co-created her new life as a holistic therapist, tarot reader and oraculist.

Through her own experience she saw how important it is to work on all three fronts: body, mind and spirit to truly live a healthy life, toward enlightenment and above all to experience the new age as an active co-creator of her own world.

Her training as a holistic therapist began in Brazil, across Australia and India, always trying to link the triple sacred form body, mind and spirit with quantum and new age studies thinking about healing and restructuring our lives and co-creating a better existence. Therefore she completed her Spiritualist Studies Course (BRA), Quantum Tarot Course (BRA), International Yoga Teacher Training (India), Fitness (AUS), Community Coaching (AUS), Intuitive Tarot (AUS), Intuitive Healing (AUS) ) and still developing herself through books, workshops and more courses that she aims for the next outcome.

“The Universe’s laws show that we have a field of infinite possibilities to choose what we want for our lives, until we know how to access these laws, we will not reach our fullness. The new age leads the way and teaches us to align ourselves with the universe through our hearts and with sincerely goodwill to become our best version. The more we go this way, we experience real changes in our lives and it is my duty to pass on everything I know forward! This is my goal, to seek enlightenment by trying to enlighten everyone around me.”

That’s why she created Aquarium to spread the message that we can heal ourselves and acts as the company’s CEO to promote Retreats, Women’s Circles, Workshops, and Ancestral Rituals by applying her Knowledge about Shamanism, breathing techniques, meditation, healing techniques and tarot as a beautiful tool in the quest to expand our consciousness.


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