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Vitória Drago

Sound Healing
Phone: +61
Address: Gold Coast
Brief info

Vitoria Kostezer Drago, is Holistic and Massage Therapist and her passion and mission is inspires awakeness and well being to others, encouraging them to find their own way to understand and heal themselves.

Her self-Knowledge journey began in 2008 when a passion for the Holistic world awake inside her heart. Since then, she has improving her wisdom studying about several healing techniques.

She is Certified as a Reiki Practioner (futura reiki master)(BR) Emotional Massage Therapist (BR), ThetaHealer (AUS), Crystal(AUS)and SoundHealer(INDONESIA), and passionated of metaphysics health.

Vitoria Treatments

Realese stucked energy from emotional traumas bringing awareness about the emotional issue and how it impacts at the physical body, identifying adn cleaning limitant beliefs.


The healing sound vibration gently flow into the body affecting each cell and balancing all the energy allowing a deep relaxation and stress realese.


Combination of vital energy and mother earth wisdom trhout the crystals energy, alignamenting all the Chakras and expanding counciouness.
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