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Lua Nova em Aquário

Estamos caminhando para a primeira lua nova do ano de 2020! Mais precisamente no dia 24/01/2020. Esta lua marca a entrada da temporada de aquário no ano e, portanto, é a hora de se perguntar como uma vida mais disciplinada somada às estruturas que você já possui podem te ajudar a trazer um senso de [...]

New Moon in Aquarius

We are heading towards the first new moon of the year 2020! More precisely on 24/01/2020. This moon marks the beginning of the aquarium season and, therefore, it is time to ask yourself how a more disciplined life added to the structures you already have can help you bring a very pleasant sense of personal [...]

Did you know that each chakra has a tuning sound?

The power of the sound healing The CRYSTAL CHAKRA SINGING BOWLS are a beautiful tool to cleaning your body's chakras and release hidden energy! Those bowls are specifically tuned most accurately to the 7 chakras. Each bowl emits a powerful, pure resonant sound. Each quartz crystal singing bowl set is fine tuned to a specific [...]


This weekend will be emphasized by the element of air, making each of us more open to connection and conversation. So, finally it's spring, the time of year when flowers bloom, animals come out of hibernation and our days get lighter and brighter! Spring is the most favourable season for the growth and natural manifestation [...]

Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Capricorn – July 16

Lunar eclipses are less frequent than solar, it usually happens two or three times a year and it’s not just because we couldn’t see an eclipse that its potential would change your powerful in our everyday lives. In other words, we can’t see all astrological transit or following its aspect taking place, but we surely [...]

New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread – July 2

Tonight, July 2, 2019, brings the new moon in Cancer and the total solar eclipse. Every new moon begins a new cycle, so this is an ideal phase to plan a manifestation of your greatest desires. Knowing how new moon cycle works, you can track a better way that will leads you to quicker wins. [...]


we are going to feel the complementation of this situation but, in opposition to the energy of Saturn and Pluto in Cancer pushing our ideas and feelings into the future. Portuguese version, click here! This is a period of great astrological movement! This powerful July 2 brings us a solar eclipse and a beautiful new [...]

Winter Solstice – Southern Hemisphere 2019

We all have a rhythm, a vibrational frequency, like a musical note and when we can find our tone, our vibrational frequency, we get in tune with our true self and that's where miracles come into our lives. Portuguese Version, click here The solstice is the phenomenon that marks the beginning of winter, which for [...]

Full Moon: What is troubling you at the moment?

How do you see yourself from here five years ago? During the full moons we are more impulsive and the Full Moon tonight (17/06/19) brings us the impulsiveness to help us eliminate bad habits, commitments or obligations that are not in accordance with our desires. It's time to think about what we want in a [...]

Guru of Oneself

Now is the time to learn to listen to the soul, begin to trust what you say and follow this intuitive guidance. Thaily Kenny Pay attention to your inner feelings when others tell you what to do or how to be.  Everyone has your own way to see things so only you can decide with [...]