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O poder do mantra NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO

ENGLISH Nam-myoho-rengue-kyo é o nome da Lei Mística que permeia a vida eternamente em todo o universo. Toda vida é uma expressão ou manifestação desta lei. Assim, quando recitamos esta Lei Mística, sintonizamos nossas vidas ao ritmo perfeito do universo. O resultado é o aumento da força vital, sabedoria, compaixão e boa sorte para enfrentar [...]

The power of the NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO mantra

PORTUGUESE Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the name of the Mystic Law that permeates life eternally throughout the universe. All life is an expression or manifestation of this Law. Thus when we chant this Mystic Law, we attune our lives to the perfect rhythm of the universe. The result is increased vital life force, wisdom, compassion, and good [...]

Archangel Michael’s prayer for spiritual cleansing in 21 days

This is a very powerful spiritual cleansing that calls upon Archangel Michael, and other enlightened entities, to release you from all negative attachments and karmic contracts, and clearing your energy and aura from limitations related with those contracts, known or unknown to you. This text is meant to be read out loud, alone, in a peaceful time [...]

Re-alignment exercise with your Divine Purpose on Earth

Things are possibly never what they seem, so how can I be multidimensional that I am. This is an exercise that should be repeated for a period of 27 consecutive days. You should mentally repeat the statements to realign yourself with your purpose and the highest qualifying energies. This exercise puts you in tune with [...]

Channeling Mahatma’s Energies

Basically, the Mahatma is here, in essence, to restore the bond between God and His creation. Therefore, the invocation of this energy (Mahatma) allows us to heal the separation between us and God in the seven cosmic dimensions - which helps our own ascension process. The more energy and consciousness of the Mahatma settles in [...]

The Great Invocation

This is a prayer of great power in the present world and it helps the planet as a whole, causing the Earth to react properly the energy changes corresponding to the end of the fish era and the beginning of the aquarium era! It was taught in June 1945 by Lord Maitreya (leader of the [...]

Buddhist Repentance (Metanoia)

This is a ritual performed by certain Buddhist monks in times of full moon and luanova. The term "metanoia" comes from the Greek and is composed of "meta" which means "after" or "with", and "nous", which means "intellect" or "mind." Thus together and in literal translation, metanoia means change of mentality or purpose. The term [...]