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we are going to feel the complementation of this situation but, in opposition to the energy of Saturn and Pluto in Cancer pushing our ideas and feelings into the future.

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This is a period of great astrological movement!

This powerful July 2 brings us a solar eclipse and a beautiful new moon under the sign of Cancer (A sign that in general represents body and soul nourishment, family ties and emotions, I mean a lot of emotions!).

This day marks the entrance of the new moon and a solar eclipse in Cancer in opposition to the sign of Capricorn – A part from that we are going to see a lunar eclipse in the following week!

This solar eclipse will leave our planet Earth in total exposure to the universe, bringing to us all this energy and a perfect timing to download insights and blessings, as long as well channelled by ourselves.

However, before explaining it, it is necessary to understand that this phenomenon is a continuous part of a first eclipse that happened in January of this year.

In early 2019, we had a first solar eclipse in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto in capricorn.

This astrological position has brought to the fore situations of our past. It worked like an emotional baggage of situations that has been revealed to us and whether they are good memories or bad, it somehow showed off a different point of view, but now, without illusions. It’s as if something we already knew was revised, retold and presented in a more realistic way.

(Putting it this way is very natural that you are disappointed with something or someone nowadays or, still, surprised to have only now seen something that you had not seen in the same way before).

So now, with the new eclipse, we are going to feel the complementation of this situation but, in opposition to the energy of Saturn and Pluto in Cancer pushing our ideas and feelings into the future.

It’s now the moment that we will really feel the forces of the last six months when we had the first eclipse in January, once Pluto destroys everything that is not true and Saturn, on the contrary, builds the new base, the new structure.

But this great push for the future will only happen if you have gone through the problems of the past, processing it properly and more realistically, finding the points where there was delusion and manipulations and managing to go through it reacting now more prepared for the benefits and the future.

I know that sometimes process that requires some kind of review can be very painful to us and that’s may be the case because it will happens through shocking waves that keep going until part of 2020, when this cycle closes, opening a better time of healing of very old wounds, especially those related to masculine and patriarchy.

Being aware of this process will be important to be prepared and free of illusions which will surely help your healing process. Try to keep grounded without, however, losing your joy because the process is part of the great journey!