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Winter Solstice – Southern Hemisphere 2019

We all have a rhythm, a vibrational frequency, like a musical note and when we can find our tone, our vibrational frequency, we get in tune with our true self and that's where miracles come into our lives.

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The solstice is the phenomenon that marks the beginning of winter, which for us, who live in the southern part of the planet, will occur on June 21th. Like every good winter, it is a period when the weather cools down, where the days are shorter and nights are longer, the wildlife go into protection or hibernate, so it is a period that we become more meditative, contemplative, introspective and as a result, we close to the outside world and we open ourselves to the internal, where our spiritual side and our soul potential lives.

If we go beyond the borders of Gaia, comparing the position of the other stars in relation to our planet, we will feel the influence of the planet Neptune and the Pisces’ constellation in the sky. Precisely, on June 21th, Neptune goes into retrograde motion in conjunction with the rising Pisces. It brings a moment of review, it is a time to re-evaluate some things, some attitudes and rethink things in our lives. For this, just as the vast majority of animals do in the winter, we need to gather in silence and introspection to observe our inner rhythm.

We all have a rhythm, a vibrational frequency, like a musical note and when we can find our tone, our vibrational frequency, we get in tune with our true self and that’s where miracles come into our lives. It is when we find our pace that we can evaluate what improves us, we can see clearly how much time we are wasting with unnecessary things, the things that have been distracting us uselessly, things that never works for our evolutionary path.

Once we have this clear picture in our mind, we are able to see what is bringing us unnecessary suffering or unless what we may are suffering more than we should. In this case, we could make questions to our inner selves, such as:

What are my spiritual and sentimental connections at the moment?
What can help me make this concrete, real in order to direct this knowledge
What qualities do I have that can help me materialize this?

Your answers should be quite honesty in order do approach your own vibrational tone. Beware of illusions in your answers because Neptune brings this trap of escape, lies, escapism and alienation that do not match your innermost purpose. With that in mind, chase a nice and peaceful place accompanied by a nice cup of tea. Some essential oils may help in the search for these answers; place one or two
drops on your diffuser: Frankincense, Lavender, Vetiver, White Fir and Cedarwood, and think about it.

To those who live as you are in the southern hemisphere of Earth, I put together a very useful and complete tarot spread with the purpose of helping you to find your own tone according to the planet's current cycle and the position of the stars on the winter’s arrival, as below:

1) How are you at this moment of solstice?
2) How do you need to be to better find your essence?
3) What gets you out of the way, wasting your time because it's useless to you?
4) What spiritual lessons do you need to focus on? (A- representing the shadow and, B- representing
the light of the answer); What sentimental lessons do you need to learn right now? (C- responding to
shade and, D- responding to light from response)
5) What would help you make it real? B) What do you need to know to accomplish this?