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Women’s Circle – 06Jun

Will you join us in the next round, on 20th June at 6:30pm

Our first women’s circle was beautiful and comforting … The love between the each woman kept us warm in the cold night  💜

Why women get together in circles?

When women come together and make a commitment to one another to be in a circle, with a spiritual purpose, in the sense of union of their souls, they are creating a vessel for healing and transformation of themselves, and being a vehicle for change in your world. These are the circles of compassion that can become incubators of political, social, and personal changes.

A circle is also a safe place to express hope, intuitions, sadness and anger, which are part of every therapeutic process.

The intention to be in a circle with a spiritual center invites the invisible world of the spirit or soul to be in the center of the circle and the center of the psyche of each person in the circle. Through meditative silence or silent prayer, wisdom and peace can enter.

“In Circles women can say out loud what goes on in their hearts and minds while having the ability to listen with compassion. Circles evoke a sense of sisterhood and also a sense of being in an archetypal mother space. “Jean Shinoda Bolen @ Gold Coast, Queensland

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